Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I have been on here.  Not really much happens in New York... well Upstate NY any way.  Kind of boring up here, not like NYC where there is always something to do.  Me brother Sheamus was walking about Emily today, so I asked him if he really, really liked Emily and he turned a million shades of red.  He really likes her a lot.  I can tell.  Of course, I get beet red too when my sister asks me about Lukah.  Me sweetheart is Lukah.  he's one of the nicest boys I have ever met... very nice, very smart and very good looking.

I've been taking dance classes, well Irish step dancing.  it's been fun, but my sister, Ireland, tells me step dancing really isn't dancing... of course nothing is dancing to her unless if it is ballet.  I don't get along too well with her, but I do get along with me other sisters, Brigid and Maeve. 

I have to help with the dishes, talk to you 2morro.  Dea-oíche ar fad.  Shaylene


  1. Yay!! Shaylene has her own blog!~Teygan

  2. Hi Teygan! Yes I have me own blog!

  3. Great post Shaylene! Loved your blog,! Please follow me at:http://aggirlforever.blogspot.in/

  4. I will Asmita! Thanks for the nice words! Have a good night and a good weekend, lass!