Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mum is finally feeling better

Mum had some sort of virus earlier this week but is feeling much better.  She still has a cough but at least she no longer has a fever or the chills.  Thank goodness.   

School starts in a few weeks.  In a way I miss school, in a way I don't.  I miss me friends and some of me teachers.  Me sister, Ireland... she's like a teacher's pet.  Teachers are always comparing me to her.  "I hope you're as diligent in your schoolwork as your sister Ireland is, Shaylene...."   or..... "Shaylene, Ireland was definitely one of my favorite students...."  I hear this a lot.  Why do teachers do this?  I'm not Ireland... I'm me.  Maybe I should do what Sheamus does, just say nothing to them.   Unfortunately Joaquin is going to be in 2 of my classes.  I just hope and pray he doesn't bother with me.   Later..... Shaylene


  1. I hope your mother feels better very soon!!

    I understand how you feel. Even though I love my sister Kirsten, she's kind of "perfect". Although around here we need at least on sane person.....

  2. Thanks Samantha. Mom is already feeling better. She was really sick over the weekend and is just starting to feel okay now. Kirsten and Ireland sound exactly alike. I mean I love Ireland and all... it's just that.. well... she honestly thinks she's all that and more. She has more vanity and pride then anyone I know. Shaylene